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          Kingston Displays Gen 4 and Enterprise SSD Line-Up, Select React Plus 300MB/s SD Cards & Lots More | CES 2020 Update

          Gen 4 SSDs have been the most popular feature with respect to upcoming storage at CES 2020 and Kingston had their new ‘Grandview ES’ on display.  This SSD will be a mid-range Gen 4 SSD when released and will most likely come out under  HyperX branding.  GRANDVIEW ES GEN 4×4 SSD This SSD features the Marvell Whistler plus 12nm PCIe …

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          Phison Shows Off 4/8/16TB SSDs with Success in QLC Speeds | CES 2020 Update

          Phison has received alot of credit as of late for their newest Gen 4×4 release of their PS5016-E16 controller.  It was the first to hit retail sales and we have posted reviews on both the Corsair MP600 and Seagate Firecuda 520, both SSDs using this controller and hitting unheard of data transfer speeds of up to 5GB/s. Both of these …

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          KIOXIA Showcases CM6 PCIe 4.0 SSD and Automotive Solutions | CES 2020 Update

          The name KIOXIO is very new to some.  Mark my words; this will change.  The name is a combination of  the Japanese word… Kioku (Memory) and the Greek word ‘Axia’ which means ‘value’.  As unfamiliar as you may be with the name, I would bet that you own something with KIOXIA memory in it.  Maybe its a cell phone, automobile …

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          SanDisk Shows Off 8TB USB-C Portable SSD Prototype | CES 2020 Update

          CES hasn’t even started yet and storage seems front and central once again as we saw first hand with an unexpected visit to Western Digital/SanDisk last night at Pepcom.  Check this out.  It is a 8TB palm sized portable SSD that is USB-C and will transfer data…lots of data… above 1GB/s easily.  It is an early prototype but this is …

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          Seagate FireCuda 520 NVMe PCie 4.0 x 4 SSD Review (1TB)

          Whats probably the most amusing, and most unusual characteristic in our review of our second PCIe 4.0 SSD today is the fact that the only way you are going to be running these kind of SSD speeds anytime soon is with an AMD system.  It’s not often that we ever catch Intel with its pants down but, at least in …

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          Cougar Blazer Open-Frame Gaming PC Chassis Review

          So… We know that anything but an SSD has to be damn (Can I say that?) credible for us to post on The SSD Review now don’t we?  Truth be told, we haven’t posted a chassis review since way back in 2012 and it would be rare as heck to find me doing such a review.  After all, we have …

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